Soledad O'Brien wrecks Fox News 'moron' for suggesting America should be proud it took 150 years to end slavery
Soledad O'Brien (Photo: JD Lasica/Flickr)

On Tuesday, Townhall columnist and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich suggested that Americans can be proud about US slavery because the country ended the practice after  a mere 150 years.

"They keep blaming America for slavery, but the truth is that throughout human history slavery has existed. America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that," Pavlich said on Fox News.

Broadcast journalist Soledad O'Brien was shocked by the ignorance of Pavlich's statement.

"Is it hard for @KatiePavlich to be a complete moron? The utter stupidity," she tweeted.

Pavlich tried to save face.

"Should have said one of* first countries, from the point of founding. My argument stands, but please @soledadobrien please continue name calling as your argument and the smearing of America as the originator of slavery," she wrote in response.

O'Brien retorted that she should Google basic history.

"Your argument is factually inaccurate. Google when slavery started and ended if you don’t want to be known for your ignorance," O'Brien wrote.