Top Trump surrogates scrambling to figure out how to block the release of the Mueller report
Special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller. (Image via Tim Sloan/AFP.)

Donald Trump's surrogates are scrambling to figure out how to block the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report — and are joining conference calls to brainstorm.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that top Trump surrogates have "held at least one conference call to lay out arguments they could use — either in court or on cable TV — to try to block release of information they considered unfair or damaging to the president or his administration."

A participant who was on the call told the Times that lawyers proposed redactions that will shield "grand jury testimony and other legally privileged information" from the public.

Newt Gingrich, an informal Trump adviser who oversaw the impeachment of President Bill Clinton when he was Speaker of the House in the late 90's, admitted that the White House "wishes there was some way to end all this."

The Trump administration knows "deep down that this is an endurance contest," Gingrich added.

The Times added that a "quiet but notable" staff change at the White House may signal the administration's preparations.

Steven Groves, an aide formerly employed in the White House counsel's office, was moved to the press shop. The counsel's office, meanwhile, has hired 17 new people.

"Together these actions show that a White House known for lack of planning is scrambling to prepare for Mueller’s findings about Russian support for Trump in the 2016 election — and for the gathering storm of Democratic-led congressional inquiries into Trump’s businesses, private foundation and activities in office," the report noted.