Trump can '150 percent' be indicted on fraud and money laundering charges immediately: ex-prosecutor
President Donald Trump. (Drop of Light /

Late in a spirited discussion on whether Donald Trump can be indicted for possible campaign finance violations, a former prosecutor said there was no reason why the president couldn't be hit with charges of fraud and money laundering immediately based upon what has been revealed by investigators so far.

Speaking with MSNBC host Joy Reid, attorney Seema Iyer disagreed with co-panelist Paul Butler over whether there is enough clear-cut evidence to indict the president over campaign finance violation with regards to a hush money payoff to Trump's alleged former mistress Stormy Daniels.

She did concede that there are no obstacles for the Southern District of New York to go after Trump immediately.

"Seema," host Reid began, insurance fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion -- is Donald Trump at risk of being prosecuted while a sitting president?"

"One hundred and fifty percent, yes!" the former prosecutor enthusiastically replied. "The Justice Department regulations that govern [special counsel Robert] Mueller's appointment say Mueller is allowed to deviate from policy in, quote/unquote, extraordinary circumstances."

"Are we at extraordinary circumstances? Hello! I think we are here," she continued. "The Southern District has its own venue to prosecute him for all these insurance fraud crimes, bank fraud, financial crimes. These also occurred between 2011 and 2013, way before he was candidate Trump."

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