Trump-loving mercenary Erik Prince reduced to stammering as Muslim reporter grills him for calling Iraqis ‘barbarians’
Blackwater founder Erik Prince speaks to Russia's RT news network. Image via screengrab.

The founder of a military contracting corporation that's linked to President Donald Trump sputtered in an interview with a Muslim journalist after being called out for labeling Iraqis "barbarians."

"What drives you when you come up with these plans to do private security in a lot of these Muslim majority countries? Because you yourself have referred to the people your men were fighting in Iraq as barbarians who crawled out of the sewer,” reporter Mehdi Hasan said in an Al Jazeera interview with Blackwater founder Erik Prince. “You say in your memoir, 'These are the chanting barbarians American troops were sent to liberate?'"

Prince initially responded by saying he felt comfortable calling terrorist suicide bombers "barbarians."

"You weren't sent to liberate terrorists," Hasan retorted. "It sounds like you're talking about Iraqis."

The mercenary billionaire began sputtering — leading the assembled audience of Al Jazeera's Head to Head program to laugh at him.

"It's from your memoir," the reporter noted.

Watch below: