Trump managed to ‘undercut’ GOP attacks on Cohen’s honesty: Bloomberg reporter
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump/MSNBC screen shot

Bloomberg White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece told MSNBC on Friday that President Donald Trump's public attacks on Michael Cohen before leaving Vietnam had backfired, and managed to "undercut" Republican attacks on the president's former lawyer's honesty.

Host Kristen Welker got the conversation going with a clip of Trump's press conference, in which he said Cohen had lied about everything but "no collusion."

"He's saying 'everything else he said is a lie except the one thing I want to be true,'" said Welker. "Can he have it both ways?"

"Republicans on the [House Oversight] Committee spent pretty much the entire hearing trying to say that if someone lies once, that means you can't believe anything they say, and they can always be a liar," replied Pettypiece. "Then President Trump sort of undercut that whole argument by saying, 'well, he's telling the truth about some things,' of course the things that make him look favorable, no collusion, and 'he's lying about everything else.'"

But Pettypiece said that even the president's allies had only disputed one of Cohen's claims, and it had nothing to do with Russian collusion.

"There are so many other damning things that were said about the president, you know, him being a racist, his record in Vietnam, knowing about the Wikileaks e-mails and Roger Stone, inflating his financial records, none of those have been disputed by anyone," she said. "The only real thing they have been disputing is Michael Cohen saying he didn't want a job in the White House."

Watch the video below.