Trump pal Felix Sater accused of ‘international criminal conspiracy’ to launder money through Trump Tower Moscow
Former Donald Trump business partner Felix Sater.

New York developer Felix Sater was accused of ‘international criminal conspiracy’ after he allegedly stole money in an effort to help build Trump Tower in Moscow.

The lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court claims that Sater and his partner Ilyas Khrapunov stole $4 billion “a decade ago" from BTA, chaired by Khrapunov’s father-in-law, ex-BTA Chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov. reported the Wall Street Journal.

“Sater helped Ablyazov, Khrapunov, and others launder tens of millions of dollars in those stolen funds into the United States,” according to the complaint. “Sater also tried to help them stash some of the stolen money overseas, including in real estate in Moscow.”

“Sater not only met with Ilyas Khrapunov in Trump Tower to discuss laundering the stolen funds but he also personally arranged meetings between Ilyas and Donald J. Trump to discuss possible investments,” according to the bank.

Sater's hearing before the House Intelligence Committee set for Wednesday has been postponed.

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