Trump will likely 'fabricate' another national emergency before the election to hold power: constitutional law professor

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy to discuss the possibility of impeachment proceedings beginning against President Donald Trump, Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe suggested that it would not be a surprise if the president "fabricated" another national emergency before the 2020 election in a cynical attempt to be re-elected.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, the constitutional law expert laid out a scenario of what he believes might happen with a president he considers "dangerous."

'Elections happen every four years," Tribe began. "And sometimes some leaders are much too dangerous to leave in power -- and this may be such a case. The fact is by 2020, the amount of damage that will have been done to our rule of law, to constitutional norms will be very great and we can't count on him [Trump] being out of office in 2020."

"He's effectively corrupt and he'll have enough help from not-too-friendly foreign powers: Russia, Saudi Arabia and maybe Turkey," Tribe continued. "We can't count on removing this guy by an election, he may fabricate by another so-called national emergency to influence that election."

"What we have to do is persistently gather the facts and if the American people can see what some of us already think is there soon enough, then the time will come for impeachment proceedings," he concluded.

You can watch the video below: