Trump's proposed $4.7 trillion budget is leading us towards another government shutdown: report
President Donald Trump/Screenshot from CNN

On Monday, President Donald Trump released his budget proposal for the 2020 fiscal year. His budget has been scrutinized as nothing but "wishful" thinking.

Writer for Slate, Jim Newell, warned that Trump's budget proposal is a "blueprint" for another government shutdown.

Trump had the longest government shutdown in history in a failed effort to get funding for a wall at the US-Mexico border. Newell explained, that most people in Washington are aware of how budget proposal work but explained that the president might lack the knowledge.

"The president’s request is anchored in another, more fundamental non-starter with congressional Democrats: broad cuts to non-defense spending paired with a sizable increase in defense spending," he wrote.

Trump's budget asks for increases in defense spending and cuts funding from domestic programs.

"The cuts would come from food stamps, health care, the Environmental Protection Agency, and education, to name just a few," Newell wrote.

"The administration’s long-term vision would only widen the chasm. Over the course of the 10-year outlook that the White House put together, defense spending would continue to increase year after year, while non-defense spending would continue to shrink," he added.

He explained that Trump's idea to cut funding from programs that Democrats advocate for will ignite a backlash.

"Nancy Pelosi is speaker now, not Paul Ryan, and she will simply never call up a bill that carries even a whiff of the president’s budget proposal," he said.

"If Trump proclaims that he won’t sign such a deal, he’ll have cornered himself, and the country will again careen toward a government shutdown. In other words, it sounds exactly like the move that would appeal to him most," he said.

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