Trump's racist followers are embracing Christian end times theology to rid the world of liberals: Ex-Bush speechwriter
President Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University. White House photo.

According to a former speechwriter who worked for President George W. Bush, Donald Trump is a godsend to not only Christian evangelicals, but to his hardcore racist right-winger base because they believe that he will hasten a form of the end times that will rid the world of the sin of liberalism.

Writing at the Washington Post, Michael Gerson -- who has always worn his Christianity on his sleeve -- first accused members of the Christian right of embracing Trump despite his multiple sins because he is battling what they consider a greater sin: liberalism.

"Rather than offering a vision of salvation, it has embraced a certain eschatology — a theory of the end times," Gerson wrote. "The threat of liberalism, in this view, has become so dire that the wrong outcome of a presidential race could mean the end of U.S. civilization. One appalling defense of Trump dubbed 2016 the 'Flight 93 election,' on the theory that conservatives have but two choices: 'charge the cockpit' or 'die'."

According to Gerson, that notion is grotesque.

"There is much wrong with that metaphor, which employs a unifying symbol of American courage as the method to encourage tribal hatreds. That involves a type of desecration, comparable to spray-painting 'MAGA' on the Lincoln Memorial." he explained. before noting a former Trump staffer accused liberals of “the ceaseless importation of Third World foreigners with no tradition of, taste for, or experience in liberty,” which he believes is ruining the country.

"In this secularized eschatology, alarmism is combined with nativism. The Antichrist, apparently, will speak Spanish," the conservative columnist wrote.

That led the conservative columnist to make the leap from the those who worship Jesus, to those who deify Trump.

"The appeal of Trump and his supporters is distinctive. It is used as a mental preparation for extreme measures. If the political world is really headed toward disaster, then the normal political tools — things such as civility, persuasion and governing skill — are outmoded." Gerson suggested. "If it is really just minutes to midnight for America, then maybe the situation requires an abrasive outsider willing to fight fire with napalm. Desperation increases the appetite for political risk."

"We are not in America’s political end times," Gerson lectured. "And the country’s problems are not rooted in the ethnic makeup of its people. Our challenges — from government debt to educational failure — require reform, not revolution. And this cause is not served by the second coming of Trump."

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