'Unbelievable cowards!' CNN's Toobin unloads on GOP senators for remaining silent on Trump's attacks on McCain
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

A CNN panel on Wednesday reacted with surprise on Wednesday to the news that Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) plans to stand up for the integrity of his late colleague against recent attacks from President Donald Trump.

After learning about Isakson's plans to publicly rebuke Trump for calling the late Sen. John McCain "disgraceful" this week, CNN's Joe Lockhart said it was a relief to see that some Republicans would draw the line at the president attacking the honor of their dead friend.

Until now, Lockhart said, Senate Republicans have "basically taken a pass on integrity" when it comes to Trump's behavior, but he said the continued attacks on McCain have proven to be "too much" for them.

"We've finally found, for one member of the Senate, that what the president says is so disrespectful... [that] he's going to the floor," Lockhart said.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin was even less charitable to the Senate GOP.

"How pathetic that we are even talking about one senator out of 53 Republicans!" he said. "How pathetic that 50 Republican senators have said nothing about this incredibly disgraceful performance by the president about John McCain, about their longtime colleague John McCain!"

Toobin went on to call the GOP "unbelievable cowards" and mocked Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) for changing his vote on Trump's "national emergency" declaration that he's using to fund his proposed border wall.

Watch the video below.