The View’s Joy Behar offers a disgusting reason the Conways are fighting over Trump: ‘They’re getting off on this’
Joy Behar (ABC)

"The View" again tried to analyze the marriage between George and Kellyanne Conway, who are now publicly arguing over President Donald Trump.

Attorney George Conway and the president have been calling one another mentally ill throughout the week, and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway justified Trump's attacks on her own husband -- who she told on TV to keep quiet about her boss.

"That's gross," said co-host Meghan McCain. "They have four children. You have four children that they go home to, and you're doing this publicly on TV and doing this with your marriage. My question is the same question as yesterday, was it worth it to ruin your marriage and to do this to your family? For what? Working in the White House? I think it's gross on both their parts."

Host Joy Behar offered an ever more gross reason the couple was arguing in public over the president's insults.

"Is there a possibility they're getting off on this?" Behar said. "Let's think about it for a second."

McCain and other panelists laughed nervously, anticipating where she was headed with her speculation.

"All that fighting and then at night she's like, 'He has a narcissistic personality, yes, yes!" Behar said, imagining the couple arguing passionately in the bedroom. "I mean, is there something going on there? 'No collusion!' Yes!"