Watch Nicolle Wallace’s epic rant over Trump repeating the same talking points on ‘collusion’ as Manafort’s lawyer
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace was utterly flabbergasted by the apparent "message coordination" demonstrated by President Donald Trump and Paul Manafort defense lawyer Kevin Downing.

Wallace, who served as White House communications director prior to her career in journalism, noted the "eerily similar" talking points used following Manafort's second sentencing hearing.

The "Deadline: White House" host played a clip of Downing claiming, "two courts have ruled, no evidence of any collusion with any Russians." Downing was shouted down as a "liar" for making the false claim.

She then played a clip of Trump speaking to reporters in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

"I can only tell you one thing, again, that was proven today, no collusion," Trump claimed, inaccurately.

Wallace was astonished to see the two making the same false claim.

"The criminal defense lawyer representing the dude who is so dirty that no campaign from Ronald Reagan on touched him, so dirty, such a bad guy -- and I worked on a few of them, I'm old -- no one touched him," Wallace explained.

"Trump's like, let's shine off this dirty, dirty, dirty penny and use him -- is saying the same thing as the criminal defense lawyer for that bad, dirty guy?" she wondered.

"It still startles me when a criminal defense attorney for a guy going to prison for seven years -- and the president -- use the same words within 20 minutes of one another," Wallace noted.

"As if they had the same messaging playbook," noted MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan.

"As if they had the same brain," Wallace replied.