WATCH: Trump supporter melts down and threatens to take off his pants after NY bar refuses to serve him
Trump supporter Dion Cini (Screen cap).

Trump supporter Dion Cini, who infamously got banned from Disney World after he refused to stop inciting people by waving around Trump 2020 banners, made a video of himself getting kicked out of a New York City bar because he refused to remove his red MAGA hat.

At the start of the video, Cini confronted the bartender and asked if he's really being asked to leave because of his Trump hat. The bartender confirmed that is the case, at which point Cini got angry and called him a "soy boy."

"Is it because the hat's red?" Cini asked him. "Or is it because you hate America?"

Shortly after, a security guard approached Cini and asks him to step outside, but Cini kept refusing to leave.

"I have to leave because I'm wearing a red hat?" Cini asked him incredulously.

"He told you he would no longer serve you until you take your hat off," the security guard replied.

"Take my my hat off for what?" he asked. "How about I take my pants off!"

Watch the video below.