Barr could easily hand over the Mueller report to the public — he obviously doesn’t want to: ex-prosecutor
Attorney General Bill Barr. (Screenshot)

A former federal prosecutor on Saturday noted that there are direct routes Attorney General William Barr could take to get special counsel Robert Mueller's report released to Congress and the public in a timely manner — but it doesn't seem that he wants that.

CNN legal analyst Renato Mariotti pointed out that the Congress has "complicated procedures set up and special committees" — the chief of which being the House Intelligence Committee — to review classified information.

"The House of Representatives has a constitutional duty to review this information," Mariotti said, noting later that it's less a question of when Congress will see the report than whether the public will be allowed to see it.

If Barr had any interest in the report seeing the light of day, the former Illinois prosecutor noted, he would sit down with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), release paragraphs and pages one at a time and schedule its full release.

"There's clearly an effort to conceal this or at least delay release," Mariotti said. "That's not good for the American people and frankly, from a perspective of history."

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