Betsy DeVos makes an ugly admission about her decision to rescind protections for trans students
Betsy DeVos during her Senate confirmation hearing (Screenshot)

Testifying Wednesday before the House Education and Labor Committee Betsy DeVos said she knew one of her very first acts as Secretary of Education could greatly harm transgender students, but she did it anyway.

In February of 2017 Secretary DeVos announced she was rescinding guidance (and telling schools to ignore the law) created by the Obama administration designed to protect the civil rights of transgender students, while helping schools and parents understand best practices surrounding their needs.

"We know that transgender students are frequently bullied and victimized," U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) told Sec. DeVos. "We know, also, that the 2016 guidance to schools about transgender students was applauded by education experts, healthcare experts, educators, counselors, pediatricians, psychologists – because it made students safer at school," Bonamici explained.

"When you rolled back that guidance did you know that the stress of harassment and discrimination can lead to lower attendance and grades as well as depression and anxiety for transgender students?"

DeVos stonewalled, claiming the Education Dept.'s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is "committed to ensuring all students have equal access to education free from discrimination," which is provably false.

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"I do know that," DeVos finally replied, when pressed.

"Let me ask you this as well," Rep. Bonamici continued, clearly not satisfied that DeVos was getting the message.

"When you rolled back the guidance did you know that a study recently published by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed alarming levels of suicide among transgender students? Did you know that as well when you rolled back the guidance?"

Secretary DeVos' only response was, "I'm aware of that data."

Watch their exchange: