Bill Barr is giving us 'less and less reason to trust him' after spying accusations: ex-US Attorney
Joyce Vance (MSNBC/screen grab)

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former U. S. Attorney Joyce Vance claimed that Attorney General Bill Barr is losing more and more credibility with every utterance after his comments on what he called Justice Department "spying."

"William Barr has the power to investigate Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has said 'lock her up,' he wants to fulfill all his campaign promises. He said anybody who investigated his campaign committed treason," host Joy Reid began. "William Barr could do all of that. Do you expect William Barr to follow Donald Trump's edicts right down to whomever it is Donald Trump says is his enemy?"

"We hope he won't," the obviously concerned prosecutor admitted. "Barr has over time given us less and less reason to trust him. I think what we have to hope that he won't."

"We have this story that came to light over the last couple of days about Trump trying to get the new acting head at DHS to violate the law" she continued. "That institution, at least for now, has held. The DOJ is full of career professionals and it's hard to believe that those career professionals will stand by quietly and watch this."

"As long as we have people inside the department who are acting with integrity and transparency and not, for instance, opening an investigation because the president of the United States wants one, then we can have some confidence that the institutions may get stretched out of shape but they will hold," she continued before cautioning, "It's a thin hope."

You can watch the video below: