During a panel discussion on Attorney General Bob Barr's release of the redacted Robert Mueller memo on President Donald Trump, a former FBI agent explained that the AG just gave defense attorneys a powerful new weapon if their clients are facing federal charges.

Speaking with CNN host Chris Cuomo, Josh Campbell -- a former Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI -- said lawyers must have been thrilled by a proposed defense of the president as "frustrated" by being investigated.

"The attorney general - we can't lose sight - has allowed the political talking points, the 'no collusion,' to pierce that independent layer inside the Justice Department," Campbell said. "He stood at that microphone and repeated those remarks, 'no collusion,' and then also took it a step further and this is what concerned me and I talked to people with the same concern."

'Imagine a defense counsel or lawyer out there now has a case pending before the Department of Justice. If they now look at what Barr did for the president, saying, 'well, there was no crime and we could understand he [Trump] was frustrated or angry,' and using that as an excuse?" the ex-FBI man lectured. "I would imagine any defense counsel worth their salt is working on that same plan. If I have a case before the DOJ and my client is being prosecuted and I think he's been treated unfairly, I'm going to build it as being unfair."

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