Bill Barr lost the last of his credibility when he threw out his 'boob bait' spying allegations for Trump's base: Rick Wilson
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

Appearing on The Last Word with host Lawrence O'Donnell, conservative consultant Rick Wilson said he had given Attorney General Bill Barr the benefit of the doubt so far when it came to performing his job, but hinting that there was government spying on the Trump campaign was a bridge too far.

Asked about the AG's testimony where he indicated that he wanted to look into accusations of Justice Department spying, Wilson told the MSNBC host that he was sorely disappointed.

"I gave Barr a very long lead, Lawrence. I wasn't very critical of him." Wilson began. "I was waiting to see what would happen because there was a sort of idea that Barr was an institutionalist and that he was going to reflect the best traditions of attorney generals from both parties over time -- where they stayed out of the politics. Where they didn't answer as a reflexive supporter or opponent of the president, where they will stand on this and they served justice and the American people."

"I hoped Bill Barr was going to be one of those guys that he was going to meet that standard," he continued. "But throwing out the boob bait of spying and all these other things knowing what he was doing and having built this elaborate strategy to allow Trump to declare victory and hide and redact and try to not let the American people to know what the Mueller report contains, he has shown us at every turn since he signed that four-page memo he is not an honest broker or a player who has come to the table to stand up for justice and the American people."

"He is there to work for Donald Trump," he added before warning, "He's going to find out that Donald Trump is the death touch of everybody's career and honor."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: