‘Bunch of monkeys!’: Furious white woman accuses black teens of breaking into theater — and ends up arrested
A Georgia woman berates a group of black teens after falsely claiming they snuck a friend into a movie. Image via screengrab.

A white Georgia woman was caught on camera berating a group of black teens after accusing them of breaking into a movie theater — and was later arrested for allegedly attacking them.

Augusta, GA's WJBF reported that a woman identified as Antonia Radler first insisted that "we need to respect each other" after accusing the teen girls — but soon began calling them racist names.

The altercation began during an April 20 screening of Pet Semetary in which Radler and her husband Larry told management that the teens snuck their friend into the theater. Representatives from the theater looked into it and did not remove anyone, but the adult couple approached the teens after the film ended nonetheless.

In the video, the girls are seen pushing back after Radler confronted them and asking her what she meant. The 63-year-old woman first told the girls to "hush" and then laid into them.

"You're a bunch of monkeys," Radler said. "You're going to end up on the streets doing drugs."

Sharell Yarbert, the mother of one of the girls, said she drove up as the male half of the couple was hitting her 14-year-old daughter.

In the interview with WJBF, the girl pointed to where Larry Radler allegedly hit her in the face and said that it was swollen the next day. The man told the news station that the girls attacked him, however.

"One of the larger, older teenage girls ran and knocked my wife over," he claimed. "Ran over her, pushed her down. And I bent over to try to protect her and as I was doing that, protect her from being kicked and all that, as I got up one of them, either the same or another one knocked me down."

When the station asked him about his wife's alleged use of racist stereotypes, Radler said that he couldn't recall that language but that he's "not going to get on her about it" if she did.

"I’m just going to go along with that," the 78-year-old white man said. "It sounds like that could have infuriated them and made them more aggressive."

Kamiskia Few, the mother of another of the 14-year-old girls, said her daughter went to the hospital with a contusion to the eye after Antonia Radler assaulted her. The report noted that the girl had a visible bruise under her eye after the alleged attack and could be seen for days after the incident.

"I felt like they were being racist," one of the girls told WJBF. "I didn't really care about that part because I know who I am."

You can watch WJBF's report on the incident, including bystander video footage of it, below: