CNN guest can't stop laughing as Trump spews his Bernie 'neurosis' all over Twitter
President Donald Trump. (Isac Nóbrega/PR)

Washington Post columnist Jackie Alemany and CNN's Brooke Baldwin could barely keep it together Wednesday, as they tried not to laugh after President Donald Trump tweeted "May God rest their souls" to Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

"'May God rest their soul, that is something you say when someone dies," said a gobsmacked Baldwin, "and Trump is using it on Senator Sanders and former Vice President Biden?"

"We've got the Tweeter-in-Chief now playing one of his favorite roles which is that of a political commentator," Alemany replied, laughing. "Although confusing a few people, because if they're dead, they don't necessarily present a very formidable competition."

The two sat there for a moment laughing before Alemany continued.

"Twitter provides a very helpful window into the president's neuroses," she went on. "Clearly the president may have caught some of the highlight reel of Bernie Sanders' town hall on Fox News. And obviously as everyone knows, there is sort of this Trump/Bernie Venn Diagram that exists." Alemany noted that both appeal to "alienated voters" albeit with "different tactics."

"They overlap on a lot of policy issues from trade to labor to anti-interventionism," Alemany said. "I think that the president was obviously a bit rattled potentially by the fact that Bernie received a pretty positive welcome on Fox News."

Watch the video below.