CNN legal analyst gobsmacked that Barr didn’t see any obstruction of justice in Mueller report despite 'ten different scenarios'
Legal analyst Carrie Cordero/CNN screen shot

CNN Legal and National Security Analyst Carrie Cordero was gobsmacked by Attorney General Bill Barr's interpretation of the Mueller report, in which he claimed that President Donald Trump had not obstructed justice due to his lack of intent.

"Just because things happen in public doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't still provide evidence for potentially criminal behavior or activity," Cordero said. "So certainly, the president's intent would have been relevant in the obstruction case, but if there were ten different scenarios?"

"I think one of the most important things that are going to come out of the hearings of the attorney general and the special counsel is why under the obstruction statute didn't you think that this wasn't --" Cordero went on, pausing to collect her thoughts. "You could look at an obstruction case on one or two examples. If there were ten examples of the president trying to derail, disrupt, or obstruct the investigation, why isn't that sufficient?"

Watch the video below.