CNN's Cuomo stops conservative guest's anti-abortion rant cold in its tracks with abrupt and blunt 'Bullsh*t'
Jennifer Granholm, Chris Cuomo, Niger Innis -- screenshot

A CNN panel on GOP lawmakers pushing more and more restrictive laws governing a woman's right to choose came to a sudden end on Thursday night when host Chris Cuomo bluntly told a conservative guest he was spreading "bullshit."

As conservative Niger Innis continued to talk over co-panelist Jennifer Granholm when she attempted to explain conservative tales of late-term abortions are a myth, Cuomo constantly implored the conservative to let her have her chance to speak.

With Innis attacking Planned Parenthood about where their money goes, saying "they move their money around," Cuomo finally cut him off.

"Niger, they could but you have no proof that they do, so when you spread it, it's bullshit," Coumo lectured him. "I'm telling you, don't spread BS if you can't prove it."

You can watch the video below: