CNN's Phil Mudd burns Mike Pence to the ground for backing Trump no matter what: 'When the boss talks, faith walks'
Vice President Mike Pence. (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani)

Former CIA analyst Phil Mudd blasted Vice President Mike Pence for his hypocrisy during an appearance on CNN on Friday.

"And we're following breaking news, sources are telling CNN that President Trump promised to pardon the customs and border protection commissioner if he was jailed for illegally blocking asylum seekers from entering the U.S." CNN anchor Brianna Keilar reported.

"I think we need to take this conversation up," Mudd suggested.

"There's a conversation between the vice president and one of the Democratic candidates about what it means to be a man after faith," Mudd said.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigeig slammed Pence at the LGBTQ Victory Fund Brunch. Pence lashed out and was smacked down.

"Forget about detainees, forget about American politics and law, a man of faith is having a conversation in the midst of an administration who said it's okay to separate people and put a child in a cage," Mudd continued. "It's okay to underestimate dead people in Puerto Rico because that's politically expedient."

"And finally, in the biggest surprise of all, but I guess it's not a surprise, when you talk about faith -- which the vice president is doing publicly so I'm going to raise it -- presumably you say love your neighbor," he noted.

"In cities that say we're going to give sanctuary to people who are victims of war and victims of political violence and victims of gangs, and our response is, not only do we not love our neighbor, but if you do, we'll screw you to wall," he continued.

"Mr. Vice President, I guess when the boss talks, faith walks," Mudd concluded.

"My memory of faith is regardless of where you come from, love your neighbor and Puerto Rico and California on the border and sanctuary cities, the message is if they're not Republicans like in Alabama -- the president said you get A-plus treatment after a storm -- you're screwed," he added.