Congressman gleefully slams Sarah Sanders for claiming Congress 'isn't smart enough' to see Trump's taxes
Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Sarah Sanders

California Democratic congressman Ro Khanna told CNN on Tuesday he'd like to have a discussion about the concept of separation of powers with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, after she said President Donald Trump wouldn't turn over his tax returns because Congress "isn't smart enough" to understand them.

"Do you think you're smart enough to understand the president's taxes?" host Brianna Keilar, who also had fun with the topic on Monday, asked the congressman.

"I'm smart enough to understand our Constitution," replied Khanna. "If Sarah Sanders wants to have a cup of coffee, I'm happy to discuss Federalist 51 and Madison's arguments for separation of powers, and why we have to have checks and balances."

"I'd love to have that conversation with her," Khanna went on, grinning. "Madison understood there weren't perfect people in Congress or in the White House, but we have this amazing constitutional system, and complying with that system is about respecting the people and the framework our founders set up."

Watch the video below.