Conservative NYT columnist claims Trump is losing his grip: 'He’s confused Twitter with reality'
President Donald Trump. (Isac Nóbrega/PR)

Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks pointed out that pro-Trump Twitter is looking for a "culture war" — and that because of them, the president is confusing their rhetoric for reality.

During an appearance on PBS NewsHour, Brooks noted that conservative "Twitterites" push stories claiming that "politically correct" liberals want to take away their freedom of religion — an issue Democrats "don't really care about."

Host Amna Nawaz then brought up Donald Trump's tweet in which he admitted to a proposal to bus detained undocumented immigrants into so-called "sanctuary cities" to punish Democrats who defy him — a move the columnist linked to the conservative Twittersphere.

"He's confused Twitter with reality here," Brooks said, adding that Trump thinks "that you can do a Twitter prank and own the libs and forget the fact there are real human beings at stake."

"Instead of doing actual policy," the columnist said, "he’s treating it all as a Twitter game to make his base feel good about themselves."

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