Conservatives rip into AG Barr for covering up for Trump's lies and obstruction
William Barr (screen grab)

Card-carrying conservatives lamented Thursday in the wake of the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

"Look, I'm a tea party conservative, but what Bill Barr did today should anger every American, no matter your personal politics," former GOP congressman Joe Walsh tweeted.

"The top law enforcement officer in America just became a shill for the President," Walsh added. "That's just plain wrong. No matter your politics, that's just wrong."

The editorial board of the conservative-leaning Washington Examiner noted following the release of the report that in spite of Mueller's decision not to prosecute Donald Trump for collusion, the president "spent two years acting like a guilty man."

"The report exposes in him some of the same flaws Hillary Clinton shared, which we feared would compromise her presidency if she were elected: a reflexive aversion to transparency rooted in either guilt or paranoia," the editors wrote.

Tim Miller, a never-Trump Republican that formerly worked for Jeb Bush's campaign and now writes for the conservative Bulwark website, mused that "pro-Trumpers are going to go with the 'he lied, he cheated, he tried to steal but at least he didn’t do what the craziest panelists on MSNBC suggested he did' defense."

"4 more years!" he jokingly added.

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