'Delusional' Trump gets brutally shredded after whining about 'the Russian Collusion Hoax'
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2018: President Donald Trump gestures to emphasize an issue as he delivers a speech at the Lotte Palace Hotel in the Villard Room (Shutterstock).

President Donald Trump moaned about special counsel Robert Mueller's report after news reports revealed investigators were unhappy with the way Attorney General William Barr summarized their findings -- and internet users let him have it.

The president has attacked Mueller for months, as the nearly two-year investigation into his Russia ties dragged on, but changed his tune after Barr claimed the March 24 report had cleared Trump of collusion.

But the New York Times and Washington Post each reported Wednesday that Mueller's team was frustrated with Barr's four-page summary, saying Trump's hand-picked attorney had omitted some important evidence against the president, who pushed back the following morning on Twitter.

"According to polling, few people seem to care about the Russian Collusion Hoax," Trump tweeted, "but some Democrats are fighting hard to keep the Witch Hunt alive. They should focus on legislation or, even better, an investigation of how the ridiculous Collusion Delusion got started - so illegal!"

Then he laid the groundwork for withholding the report House Democrats have authorized a subpoena to obtain.

"There is nothing we can ever give to the Democrats that will make them happy," Trump tweeted. "This is the highest level of Presidential Harassment in the history of our Country!"

Other social media users were embarrassed by the president's display.