'Destitute' Roger Stone schedules speaking engagement at strip club in desperate bid to pay legal fees
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

According to a report at the Daily Beast, Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone is deeply in debt due to legal fees he has incurred and is finding it harder and harder to raise cash now that a judge has restricted what he can say publically.

Stone, who is scheduled to appear in court on charges of lying and witness tampering in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into criminality in Trump's campaign, has managed to book a speaking gig at a Richmond, Virginia strip club.

According to the Beast, Stone claims he is broke after being released on $250,000 bond, and that he is only trying to raise cash.

"He’s still talking, and still pulling in much-needed money from public appearances like his upcoming meet-and-greet at Paper Moon strip club in Richmond next month," the Beast's Kelly Weill reports. "Some local activists want to put an end to the appearance, citing a violent ultra-nationalist group that often acts as Stone’s security force, the Proud Boys."

According to the booker who is bringing Stone to town, he and his guest are both on the receiving end of threats from locals.

“We have our own security, and Roger Stone’s a professional,” Mike Dickinson explained.

The Beast also reports that Stone's appearance likely will draw protesters, with Twitter user @TheQueerCrimer, making threats, writing: “Bringing a fascist fuck magnet into my city is hardly comparable to television. Your actions have consequences.”

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