Deutsche Bank investigation so critical it would be 'improper' not to pursue: CNN analysts
President Donald J. Trump arrives at Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base Wednesday, March 20, 2019, in Maryland, en route Ohio. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

On Tuesday's edition of "The Situation Room," CNN analysts Gloria Borger and Laura Coates outlined to Wolf Blitzer why it is so critical for House Democrats to pursue an investigation of President Donald Trump's most significant creditor.

"In terms of Deutsche Bank, it's been the only big bank, the mainstream bank to continue to loan the Trump organization money," said Borger. "And they have loaned him, according to our reporting and The New York Times, they've loaned him over $2 billion. So when he became president, he had $300 million in outstanding loans to Deutsche Bank."

"I think [Democrats are] trying to look into this relationship and see whether the bank should have flagged something that perhaps the Trump organization did not," Borger said. "And, again, you know, I think that the Trump Organization is going to try and fight this. They're going to try and get these subpoenas quashed, and they do not want the banks to cooperate with the Democrats in Congress and that has to be played out."

While the investigation will inevitably lead to a clash with Trump's administration and a court battle, Coates said, "It would actually be improper if they did not pursue it, given Michael Cohen's testimony."

"Remember, he actually said that he believed the president had inflated his salary to try to buy the Buffalo Bills, among other things," said Coates. "If Michael Cohen knew this, then perhaps the bank who let him loan would actually know it as well and would have flagged it in some way. So I think they have to follow that particular line of inquiry, regardless."

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