'Disgusting and scary': MSNBC analyst busts Trump for risking national security to rake in cash at Mar-A-Lago
President Donald Trump wears a "Make America Great Again" hat at a golf tournament held at one of his properties. (Image via Saul Loeb/AFP.)

MSNBC's John Heilemann busted President Donald Trump for placing national security at risk to rake in profits from his private Mar-A-Lago resort.

A Chinese national apparently breached security at the private club last month while carrying multiple passports and cell phones, along with a flash drive containing malware and other electronics, and the "Morning Joe" analyst said she appeared to be a spy.

"I think it's pretty clear, it's not conclusive, but it's pretty clear you're looking at somebody doing some kind of intelligence work on the part of the Chinese," Heilemann said.

Heilemann said the president's frequent visits to the club present a national security threat, and he said Mar-A-Lago has become a "soft target."

"This has become the place that the president does so much business and the place that is so insecure or unsecure, we've seen things happening that are troubling in the past," he said. "This is maybe the most troubling things, though the president has done some things on the ground of Mar-A-Lago that have presented security threats and risks in the past."

"The whole thing that makes it so disgusting and scary is the fact that it's all done because the president wants to keep Mar-A-Lago open as a club for his personal profit, so he's prioritizing his own net worth over the security of the United States," Heilemann added.