Don Lemon blames racism for Trump's tweet congratulating white NFL player selected after black player
Don Lemon (TMZ)

CNN's Don Lemon says racism caused President Donald Trump to congratulate a white player for being the second pick in the NFL draft, and ignoring the black player who went first overall.

The CNN anchor agreed the president probably shouted out Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa because he's an outspoken Trump supporter, but he said there was definitely a racist motivation in his weekend tweet, reported TMZ.

"Bosa is a supporter of Trump," Lemon said. "(Bosa) doesn't like (Colin) Kaepernick. It's everything this president is about."

"Don't forget the #1 person is also black," Lemon added.

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was selected first overall by the Arizona Cardinals, and Bosa was taken next by Kaepernick's former team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Bosa has criticized Kaepernick, who went unsigned after his 49ers contract ran out following his silent on-field protests of racism and police brutality, as a "clown," but has since apologized and said he respected the ex-NFL player's activism.

Murray became the first player to be selected in the first round of both the NFL and Major League Baseball drafts.