Elizabeth Warren jumps to second place in new Quinnipiac poll that also offers good news for Biden and Buttigieg
Elizabeth Warren (Screen Capture)

new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday afternoon finds former Vice President Joe Biden is number one in the polls among Democrats and voters leaning Democratic, with his numbers rising 9 points over last month. That reflects other polls released today, including CNN's that puts Biden in first place by 24 points.

Not only is Biden in first place, with 38%, the Q poll finds "56 percent say Biden has the best chance to beat President Donald Trump, followed by Sanders at 12 percent."

There's also good news in the Q poll for Senator Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Warren has jumped into the number two slot with 12%, rising 8 points over last month's numbers.

Buttigieg is up 6 points, and takes the number four slot with 10%.

Senator Bernie Sanders is now in third place, dropping 8 points to 11%. Senator Kamala Harris takes 8% (no change) and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke 5%, down 7 points. Senator Cory Booker comes in flat at 2%.

Meanwhile, Mayor Buttigieg's increase in voter share is not the only good news for him. The Q poll also finds a large majority of American voters, 70%, say they would support a gay president. That even includes 46% of Republican voters.

On the other hand, 52% of those polled say they think America is not yet ready for a gay president. Just 32% say it is.

The poll also asked voters about leadership and policy.

"44 percent say Biden would be the best leader, with Sanders and Warren at 11 percent each."

"23 percent say Biden has the best policy ideas, with Warren at 19 percent."