Eric Trump throws his half-sister under the bus while defending family lawsuit on jittery Fox & Friends interview
Eric Trump appears on Fox & Friends (screen grab)

Eric Trump on Tuesday tried to defend his family's lawsuit aimed at preventing Deutsche Bank and Capital One from giving Congress information about President Donald Trump's finances -- but he did so by accusing Democrats of investigating whether his half-sister regularly day drinks.

During an interview with "Fox & Friends," Eric Trump argued that Democrats were requesting documents from Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions simply to humiliate the Trump family rather than search for any real criminal wrongdoing.

"It's not just my father," Trump said. "It's, 'Eric, I want to see all of your bank records. I want to know how much, you know, Lara spent on baby formula for Luke. I want to know how many beers Tiffany had on a Friday afternoon in Georgetown.' These are literally the things that they're asking for!"

Trump provided no proof that House Democrats have inquired about whether his half-sister drinks beer at law school, however.

Watch the video below.