Fox News panel surprisingly levels Trump over his latest immigration threat: 'This is a stunt'
Geraldo Rivera (Image credit: Fox News)

President Donald Trump's idea to ship all undocumented immigrants to "sanctuary cities," or cities where local police are prohibited from handing over detainees to Immigration and Customs Enforcement without a warrant, has provoked shock and anger.

The plan has been broadly blasted as an underhanded attempt to punish Democrats, and it likely wouldn't even work because immigrants are not as dangerous and crime-prone as Trump seems to think.

On Fox News' "The Five" on Friday, commentator Geraldo Rivera blasted the president, saying he was out of line and his plan was a nonstarter.

"I that what the president is saying is born of frustration because of the lack of cooperation by the Democrats on the border. They are doing nothing to help other than making things more difficult," said Rivera. "But this is a stunt."

"This is also illegal. I'm telling you, it's illegal," he added. "You cannot use people as props to make a political point."

"The road from the border to wherever the illegal immigrants are taken will be lined with lawsuits," he warned. "I guarantee you."

Watch below: