Fox's Tomi Lahren shreds 'selfish' parents who won't vaccinate their kids: 'What the hell, people?'
Image credit: Fox News

In her recent segment of Fox News' "Final Thoughts," conservative commentator Tomi Lahren raged against parents who are letting childhood diseases resurge by refusing to vaccinate their children.

"I believe in freedom. I believe in choice. I believe in the power of parenting," said Lahren. "But when measles, mumps, and other old-timey diseases that are on the brink of extinction are able to make a comeback because some parents choose not to vaccinate their kids? I'm sorry, there's a problem."

"What the hell, people?" said Lahren. "157 cases [of measles] reported since the end of last week, just in Rockland County, a small Manhattan suburb?" she raged. "Measles is no joke. Not only is it incredibly contagious, symptoms can range from dangerous fever all the way to pneumonia, brain swelling, and yes, even death."

She noted that the rise of the antivaxxer movement was fueled in part by the infamous Andrew Wakefield study connecting the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to autism, which was found to have been falsified, and she quoted a recent study showing there is no correlation between vaccination and autism. "The antivaxxer movement is based in large part on a fraudulent, 12-person study that has been ridiculed, retracted, and trashed. Does it not seem ridiculous that some parents still look to it as gospel? I would say so."

Lahren added that a small portion of children cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, but "those kids who are truly unable to be vaccinated are among those at the highest risk ... If most of the population is vaccinated or immune, those who are not immune are still protected to a high degree. But that all goes to hell when selfish or self-righteous members of the community refuse to have their kids vaccinated."

"And yes, I said it: selfish and self-righteous. Does that hurt your feelings? Well, guess what's more painful and dangerous than hurt feelings: measles."

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