George Conway perfectly destroys Jim Jordan's pathetic attempt to blow off Trump's criminality
Jim Jordan (CNN/screen grab)

George Conway  -- the husband of the senior adviser to the president and daily thorn in Donald Trump's side -- slapped aside two GOP lawmakers who smirked on national TV while trying to minimize the president's criminal actions.

Replying to a clip of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) on CNN where the two Republican lawmakers glibly suggested that asking someone to commit an act of violence isn't necessarily a crime, conservative attorney Conway proposed a scenario that might make them think twice.

Or maybe not considering their defense of all things Trump-related.

"Suppose a POTUS directed SecDef and CJCS to surround the Capitol with tanks and to arrest all opposition members of Congress, and suppose they patriotically disobey that order. Wouldn’t that POTUS still have committed an impeachable offense?" Conway tweeted.

In lawyerly fashion, he followed up: "And so why shouldn’t the same principle—that unsuccessful misconduct matters—apply to repeated, wrongful, underhanded, conflicted, and self-interested efforts, in derogation of the national interest, to obstruct or impede a critical counterintelligence and criminal investigation?"

You can see the tweets below: