GOP faced with exodus of conservative voters after Mueller report exposes Trump's lying and corruption: report
President Donald Trump faces more investigations after being cleared of collusion with Russia in the Mueller probe. (AFP / Eric BARADAT)

On Friday, a report in The Atlantic explained that one of the biggest downfalls that President Donald Trump will face as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller's report is losing Republican voters.

The report revealed what some Republican have known all along, but refused to admit about the president. And that is that Trump, "will shatter any boundaries of law, morality, or custom in his exercise of presidential power," the report said.

"The GOP has now almost completely accepted an implicit trade-off: It will tolerate and even defend all of Trump’s most malignant behavior—from his assaults on the rule of law to his open appeals to white racial resentments to his fraying of bonds with historic international allies—in return for the leverage he provides to extend core conservative goals, such as cutting taxes, spending, and regulation and appointing conservative judges," the report said.

It went on to explain that the report could be the last straw for Republicans who agree with Trump's policies but are disgusted with his leadership.

"A principal reason Trump’s approval rating is lower than might be expected, given the strength of the economy, is that many of those college-educated white voters who are thriving economically view him as personally unfit for the presidency in terms of judgment, temperament, and morals," the report said.

"Mueller’s report aims directly at the anxieties these voters express about Trump and his Republican defenders. Many of these college-educated whites are traditionally center-right voters who may agree with key aspects of Trump’s agenda, such as his success in cutting taxes. But the lying, belligerence, scheming, and disregard for the law that Mueller cataloged in Trump’s effort to block his inquiry speak directly to the greatest doubts these voters have expressed about the president," the report said.

Adding, "The report validates the concerns of anyone who feared how Trump would wield presidential power."

Mueller's report revealed several bombshells about Trump and his team. One being, that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders admitted lying to reporters, thus misleading the American people.

"No member of Congress, no potential executive-branch appointee, and, above all, no voter can claim any illusions about what a Trump second term might look like, especially if enabled by a Congress fully controlled again by Republicans."

Read the full report here.