CNN conservative rips Sarah Sanders and White House for unending flood of 'stupid and arrogant' lies
CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter [ Photo: screen shot from video ]

On Friday, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter bashed the revelations in special counsel Robert Mueller's report as totally "bonkers."

Carpenter slammed Trump and his team for lying and said that the report reveals how "dumb" and "arrogant" they are. She railed against White House Press Secretary  Sarah Sanders for lying to reporters, and misleading the American people.

"These lies have cost the taxpayers $25 million. The truth is, there was attempted collusion. There was attempted obstruction. And because they lied and lied and lied at every turn, we had to go have this 22-months-long investigation," Carpenter said.

"This report can be summed up in two volumes. It's not obstruction and collusion. It's dumb and arrogant. The whole first volume is filled with dumb mistakes that this campaign made. They took all kinds of meetings, and then they lied about it in stupid and dumb ways."

"The second part is about covering up for those lies because Donald Trump didn't want anyone to know that these meetings happened. This is bonkers stuff. No wonder Trump wanted to cover it up," she said.

Watch below via CNN: