'Insane': CNN reporter stunned after learning why Trump wanted $2 trillion for infrastructure
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2018: President Donald Trump gestures to emphasize an issue as he delivers a speech at the Lotte Palace Hotel in the Villard Room (Shutterstock).

CNN's Mark Preston said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader arrived at an agreement of $2 trillion dollars for infrastructure because Trump "likes nice round numbers" -- and added that it was an "insane" way of setting policy.

"It is a really nice rainbow now that connects the U.S. Capitol all the way down to the White House," said Preston. "When you talk about things that need to get done here in the United States, infrastructure is something that needs to get done. We all drive on the roads. We also understand about the job creation that it creates. We also know big business and the unions are behind it."

"So the Democrats who went in today hoping to get as much as possible were happy to hear President Trump saying he wanted the number $2 trillion," Preston went on. "The reason why he came up with that number is it is a good round number and sounded better than what they were talking about."

"Which is insane to think that is how we’re making policy," he added. "But the fact of the matter is that is how we get to the number."

Watch the video below.