Jared Kushner finally registered as a Republican just before the GOP got creamed in the 2018 midterms: report
Jared Kushner appears on CNN with Van Jones/Screenshot

In spite of being all-in with his father-in-law's policies, Jared Kushner did not register to vote as a Republican until September 2018, analyses of New York voter records show.

Vice News reported that Kushner's September 20, 2018 registration came roughly a month before New York's change of enrollment deadline in October.

Before, he wasn't registered with any party, the report noted.

It's not the first registration peculiarity related to President Donald Trump, who has himself bounced back and forth between Democrat and Republican numerous times in New York City.

Kushner had previously been listed as a woman due to a filing error, though his registration now includes his correct gender marker.

"Kushner’s birthday is also listed incorrectly in two separate New York City voting documents," the report noted. "He was born on January 10, 1981, but two absentee ballot applications list his birthday as January 11."