‘He made it up’: CNN's Chris Cuomo fact-checks Trump’s lies about shutting down the border
Image credit: CNN

On Tuesday night, CNN's Chris Cuomo and the Toronto Star's Daniel Dale discussed Trump's recent threats to "close the border." During the course of their discussion, they debunked one of the president's major continual falsehoods on the asylum system.

"For the 23rd time, the president falsely claimed nobody comes back for an immigration hearing," Cuomo said, playing a clip of the president saying that "only 1 to 2 percent" of people ever come back after being released by immigration officials. "Everybody should know this is nonsense ... the backlog of cases, it's like 800,000-plus cases are already there. That is something that's a real impediment for people, but in terms of the idea of who comes back, what do we know, Daniel?"

"You don't have to listen to me, you can look up the data from the U.S. government, from the Trump administration, which says that in 2017, 89 percent of asylum seekers showed up for their court hearing," said Dale. "It's not even close to 1 percent. For the entire population of people having immigration hearings, it was 72 percent."

"Even the anti-immigration, the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, says that about two-thirds of people have come back over the last number of years," Dale added. "So again, you can make the argument that it should be more, but it's not even close to 1 or 2 percent."

"I don't even know where he gets the 1 or 2 percent," interjected Cuomo.

"It's imaginary," said Dale. "He made it up."

Watch below: