Mormon women’s group smacks down Utah senator for tolerating Trump’s ‘utter disregard for the law’
Mike Lee speaks to NBC (screen grab)

Three women from a Mormon political watchdog group called out Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) as a hypocrite for looking the other way as President Donald Trump engages in unethical and possibly illegal conduct in office.

The Utah Republican has said he saw nothing in special counsel Robert Mueller's report to change his mind about the president, but three members of Mormon Women for Ethical Government urged Lee in a Salt Lake Tribune column to take another look.

"When you state that nothing in this report changes your view of this president, do you mean that you already fully understood that President Trump was doing whatever he could to obstruct justice and was 'saved' only because his staff refused to follow his orders?" wrote the group's co-leaders, Lisa Rampton Halverson, Megan Blood Seawright and Catherine Eslinger. "Do you mean that you support the president despite this unethical and self-serving behavior?"

"Do you mean that you already fully understood the character of a president who has persistently lied to the American people?" they added. "Do you mean you already fully understood his utter disregard for the rule of law, and just don’t care?"

The women called on Lee to clarify whether he was aware Trump's campaign may have welcome campaign assistance from Russia, and they asked whether the Republican senator had become corrupted by the belief that the only way to protect the U.S. was for Republicans to win.

"We ask you not to tolerate intolerable things," wrote Halverson, Seawright and Eslinger. "We ask you to approach the facts and the findings of the Mueller report with a firm commitment to truth, not with predetermined ideas and partisan close-mindedness."

They challenged Lee to uphold his constitutional duty and oath of office.

"You have always presented yourself as a staunch defender of the Constitution and so we ask that you, in fact, do all that you can to safeguard the supreme law of the land and our founding principles, even when it may not be politically expedient," the wrote.