MSNBC host dashes Trump White House's 'game plan' for a 'dramatic' Mueller report rebuttal: 'Do they even have one?'
Robert Mueller in 2012 (U.S. Embassy Tallinn)

An MSNBC host questioned whether President Donald Trump and his White House are really prepared to issue a rebuttal report after special counsel Robert Mueller's report goes public.

During a discussion about an NBC News report about Trump White House aides worrying about the president's reaction when he learns they cooperated with the Mueller probe, reporter Carol E. Lee noted that nobody knows yet what the administration is going to do.

"Is the White House going to have a look at the report before the public does or will this be a simultaneous document drop?" host Yasmin Vossoughian asked Lee, who was one of the reporters who broke the NBC News story.

"They're going to see what it says and then figure out what their game plan is for they have a number of options," the journalist responded. "We haven't seen their — what do they call it? Their counter report."

"Do they even have one is the question," Vossoughian replied.

Lee added that the White House is still figuring out how "dramatic" to be during their pushback to Mueller's report.

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