White House officials fear Trump's 'wrath' once he figures out they told Mueller the truth about obstruction
U.S. President Donald Trump walks out to talk to reporters as he departs for travel to Alabama and Florida from the White House in Washington, U.S. March 8, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Current and former White House officials are worried about President Donald Trump's reaction to the redacted special counsel report -- and fearful that he'll realize they told Robert Mueller the truth about his activity.

Some of those officials and their attorneys have asked the Justice Department whether the names of cooperating witnesses will be redacted or otherwise described in a way that makes their identity clear, especially regarding Trump's actions related to the obstruction of justice probe, reported NBC News.

However, they said the Justice Department has refused to offer assurance or any other details, and that's leaving those current and former administration officials in an awkward position.

“They got asked questions and told the truth and now they’re worried the wrath will follow,” said one former White House official.

One person close to the White House described “breakdown-level anxiety” among current and former staffers who spoke with Mueller's team, as encouraged by Trump's lawyers at the time, but they're worried the president will realize they may have given up damaging information during their testimony.

Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress last week, but White House witnesses still aren't clear about whether redactions will shield them from the president's fury.

“Even if names are redacted or names aren’t in the report to begin with," the former White House official told NBC News, "it could be situations people were asked about and they answered truthfully that at least for some people — specifically the president — would be identifiable because the situation applies to just one person. Nobody has any idea what this is going to look like on Thursday.”