MSNBC host perfectly explains Trump’s trick for lying to the press and getting away with it
President Donald Trump speaking at a Rose Garden press conference, screengrab.

In an opening segment on White House intransigence when it comes to answering press inquiries, MSNBC host Joy Reid busted the president for a rhetorical trick that allows his duck questioning and lie indiscriminately.

According to Reid, Trump's habit of interrupting questions with repeated "excuse me's" allows him to not have to explain himself when he makes an obviously false statement. Sharing clips of the president doing exactly that, Reid explained, "Two words Donald Trump loves to hit the media with: not 'no collusion' or 'fake words,' but 'excuse me, excuse me'."

"It's a phrase or rebuke Trump uses to avoid topics he doesn't like and shut down reporters who ask questions he doesn't want to answer," she continued. "'Excuse me' is how Trump tries to put reporters in their place."

"This week he used it to cut off reporters before a press gaggle and it worked," the MSNBC host added. "Rather than have to answer questions about whether White House counsel Don McGahn lied to Robert Mueller or whether he would let him testify to Congress, Trump was able to redirect the conversation by repeatedly making reporters stop talking with, 'excuse me, excuse me'."

Reid also scorched White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders for ducking the press -- noting that the best she could do was meet the children of some reporters earlier in the week after it was revealed that she admitted to lying to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Watch the video below: