MSNBC's Morning Joe drops the hammer on Bill Barr as 'unfit' -- and challenges Dems to do something about him
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said William Barr had proven himself "unfit" to serve as attorney general -- and he challenged congressional Democrats to do something about it.

Barr will brief reporters Thursday before they've had a chance to review the Mueller report he has redacted, and the Department of Justice he oversees has briefed the White House to help prepare a rebuttal that will be issued before the special counsel's report.

"Yes, Attorney General Barr has proven once again that he's unfit to be attorney general of the United States of America -- fine, full stop," Scarborough said. "Let's put a period and move that to the side. What happens next? What happens?"

The attorney general was helping President Donald Trump slow walk the findings of the 21-month investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, and the "Morning Joe" host said Democrats must be prepared to win the next stage of the public relations battle.

"What should we expect to see tomorrow and the next day and the next week?" he said. "Because chances are good this is going to start an entirely new process in the United States House of Representatives."