'My country is being gutted by the flames': Notre Dame fire creates global heartbreaking response
Notre-Dame Cathedral (Photo: Screen grab from photo)

On Monday, the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris caught on fire. The fire blazed through one of the most historic buildings in Paris.

In response, people from around the world joined together to remember what the cathedral stood for.

“The heart of Paris and my country is being gutted by the flames I am devastated," Sylvie Lacour told The New York Times. “I am what you call a lapsed Catholic, but I always found Notre-Dame to be a deeply spiritual place, even though it was also a tourist spot. It felt vibrant and serene at the same time.”

“It’s really kind of surreal that you’re standing on top of something that’s been around for hundreds of years, and we caught it the day before it caught fire,” he said. “Maybe people aren’t going to be able to go ever again," Andrew Glaze told The Times.

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