NRA: Women coming out against Joe Biden are part of a liberal plot to 'take your guns away'
Grant Stinchfield (NRA TV/screen grab)

NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield posited on Thursday that Democrats may be trying to push Joe Biden out of the presidential race as part of a plot to curb gun ownership in the U.S.

In his Wednesday NRA TV program, Stinchfield argued that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was behind the four women who have said that Biden touched them inappropriately.

"Just weeks before his expected candidacy is announced, they come out in full force to destroy him," Stinchfield said. "No matter what your feelings are about creepy Joe, the timing of all this is suspect. And things are never what they seem in politics."

According to the NRA presenter, forcing Biden out of the race would allow New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg to run on his anti-gun platform.

"The newfound exposing of Biden may have been orchestrated by the Bernie Sanders crew," Stinchfield offered. "Bernie will not benefit as much as Michael Bloomberg will. With Biden out, Bloomberg would come back in. For gun owners, that would be a disaster."

"The most anti-gun politician in America," the NRA host continued. "A man willing to spend millions to destroy the Second Amendment, steal your rights. In an ultimate power grab, he could ultimately become president and his destructive ways would not just stop with the Second Amendment."

Stinchfield warned that a "Bloomberg presidency will first take away your guns."

"His anti-freedom government would then go on a seek-and-destroy mission of anyone or anything associated with guns and conservatism," Stinchfield remarked. "The NRA would be his first target. That means you."

Watch the full rant below from NRA-TV.