Omarosa opens herself up to House Dem subpoena so she can spill the beans on White House obstruction
Former reality TV star Omarosa Manigault Newman served as an Assistant to the President of the United States of America.

Former White House aide -- and longtime associate of President Donald Trump -- Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on MSNBC on Sunday morning and admitted that she'd be willing -- grudgingly she added -- to be subpoenaed to appear before House Democrats and discuss what she feels are "discrepancies" in special counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Trump administration.

Speaking with host Frances Rivera, the former "Apprentice" star who unceremoniously dismissed by Trump from the White House, rolled her eyes when asked about the president's lying before moving on to the Mueller report.

Noting that Trump claimed former White House counsel Don McGahn lied to investigators, Omarosa defend the attorney.

"I worked with McGahn for a year, sat with him for a year in the meetings with senior staff every morning,"she explained."He's a solid guy with clear integrity -- there's nothing cloudy about his integrity -- so what he said in the report I believe."

"The president has a problem with his credibility in this case and if you have to choose between don McGahn and President Donald Trump on truth, I would go with McGahn," she added.

"Are you expecting to be subpoenaed here?" the MSNBC host pressed.

"You know, it wouldn't surprise me," Omarosa replied. "When I talked to Robert Mueller's team, I talked about the things that concerned me including the two boxes of campaign e-mails and documents that the White House still has in their possession of mine. So I think that they'll be very interested in learning about the other things that the White House has done to kind of intercede in this investigation."

Watch the video below: