Outrage grows after Rudy Giuliani’s 2:54am texts about his ‘counterreport’ to Barr’s Mueller report
Rudy Giuliani appears on NBC's "Meet the Press" (screen grab)

"How is Rudy Giuliani able to prepare a “counter report” to Mueller if he hasn’t read it?"

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been bragging about his his "counterreport" to Attorney General William Barr's redacted version of Robert Mueller's report, which is due to be released Thursday morning.

Politico reported:

LATE-NIGHT TEXTS FROM RUDY … President Donald Trump’s lawyer RUDY GIULIANI to our colleague DARREN SAMUELSOHN, 2:54 a.m., on the size of the president’s “countereport” -- which will drop when the special counsel’s findings come out Thursday: “Now at 34 or 35. The more concise the better. 400 pages is a novel.”

Since that report spread, many on social media are convinced Rudy Giuliani and the White House have seen the Mueller report. Attorney General Barr refused to tell Congress if the White House had seen the report, making many increasingly certain a huge cover-up is underway.

But Giuliani's own words are giving credence to their concerns:

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